San Juan, Puerto Rico: Even Better The Second Time Around
) adventure. While on that trip, she managed to squeeze in some time to Puerto Rico, a place she had been during my entire stay in Puerto Rico. I wanted to relax, be alone, and roll around in a queen bed Puerto Rico cost comparisons, I kept looking back to Puerto Rico. Yes, I had already been there and yes, I decided to go back to Puerto Rico and had an even better time the second time around. Read more about my experience. Than Ideal ReIntroduction Into Puerto Rico When I landed at San Juan’s airport, I rushed to an about San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was completely enamored when I visited for the first time during a You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is definitely born in you. Once upon San Juan, Puerto Rico: Even Better The Second Time Around
30,000+ Miles Later: My 2017 Travels & 20 Best Photos of the Year
Puerto Rico , Morocco Paris, France Santorini, Greece August San Juan, Puerto Rico (I wrote about it but after Maria I . January San Juan, Puerto Rico Miami, Florida (Go 'Canes!!) Philadelphia, PA Jersey (Where I was
Traveling Won't SOLVE My Problems, But It Can Help Fix Them
city I loved and cherished. It felt off at first, being in Puerto Rico during grieving moments Juan, Puerto Rico: Even Better the Second Time Around Stress & Anxiety This… I could leave it at habits. I did not know where but I needed some peace and led me to going back to San Juan, Puerto Rico, a
Island Hopping
Islands --> Puerto Rico --> St. Thomas --> Miami --> Houston When I first landed in Miami, I had its proximity to other islands. In my original flight purchase, I did not buy a ticket to Puerto Puerto Rico Rico, and for good reason. Flying from St. Thomas to San Juan would only cost me $60 each way and I
Solo Trippin Isn't For Suckers
who was also traveling alone, to the group of young black adults I met in Puerto Rico, my time away . I had some real butterflies when I booked that ticket. Houston --> Miami --> St. Thomas --> Puerto Puerto Rico Rico --> St Thomas --> Miami --> Houston "Who are you going with, Court?" MYSELF. I laugh in
The Story Behind My #MostEpicSpringBreakEver
living in Puerto Rico with her boyfriend, but used to live in Las Vegas. I would have never guessed. I Story Behind My #MostEpicSpringBreakEver” /> by March 17, 2015 It's St. Patrick's Day and I'm in Puerto Puerto Rico eased my mind that the water was warm in Puerto Rico and the water was 3ft deep at the most. My kayak Rico! I was still geeked off of getting there for $120 from St. Thomas on JetBlue. It was my first It's St. Patrick's Day and I'm in Puerto Rico! I was still geeked off of getting there for $120
5 Reasons Why I Encourage Every Woman To Take A Solo Trip In Their Lifetime
Puerto Rico. I, along with my family, were in the beginning stages of grieving my late aunt and uncle in Puerto Rico, and paddleboarding in Belize to name a few. You are already breaking the status quo
A Celebration of My 2nd Blogaversary and BEST Travel Year Yet
England Belgium The Netherlands Germany Italy Panama Puerto Rico (repeat country) I cannot even
An Enchanting Visit to Casco Viejo, Panama
of Old San Juan, a city I was so fond of, I didn't even see Puerto Rico's beach up close. I guess
Where I've Been and What I Learned While On Hiatus
is much more chill. Some of the places I ventured off to include: San Juan, Puerto Rico (my heart is
Traveling While Natural: The Art of Protective Styles
water, I would have done a better job sticking with black like I did when I went to Puerto Rico the
An Open Letter to the People I Met Abroad
fellow Texan that was born in Puerto Rico and living in Barcelona as an engineer. Look at God. If
10 Awkward Moments Only Female Travelers Can Understand
liberated lioness after every trip. Keep traveling, sisters. Photo taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico. January
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