Things I Appreciate About Traveling While Single

Instead of ‘single’ as a marital status...I prefer ‘independently owned and operated’.

I had an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving break.  I was able to serve, party, relax, step outside of my comfort zone, SLEEP, and be still.  However, if I can be real, all of a sudden I got slapped in the face that this has been my first Thanksgiving completely single in about three years.  I don't think it bothered me until it was super stormy on Thursday night and after dinner at my friends, I was back home alone.  To top it off, I was slated to go on a date with a [person who I thought was an upstanding] man on Saturday, but it did not happen.  There was a complete lack of follow through.  Talk about a buzzkill.  I even found out four days later that he had a girlfriend!! That's a completely different discussion though. 

I will say I spent a good two hours feeling sad and doing the "woe is me" routine without shedding a tear, but my attitude was poor.  I am glad I was by myself and hit the road for a bit just so I could get my thoughts together.  Thankfully, it seems as though all of my devotionals aligned together to remind me that singleness is indeed a ministry, and that God has me exactly where I need to be right now.  I am not being punished, but rather preserved.

I did something radical after my pity party and milkshake binge, and went to a party by myself.  You all already know that I am new to Dallas, so the fact that I was even bolder and went to the party solo dolo was crazy! But if I can go to five countries by myself and survive, I think I will manage at a party. And I did.  It got me thinking to what else I enjoy about my singleness, especially in regards to travel.

We all know that Vegas has a reputation.  There's no need to "check in" with the manfriend while I'm away at play when I am #TravelingWhileSingle! 

We all know that Vegas has a reputation.  There's no need to "check in" with the manfriend while I'm away at play when I am #TravelingWhileSingle! 


Feel free to add to my list!

  • The only thing I need to "approve" of me going on a trip is my bank account.
  • I do not have to account for others' dietary concerns.
  • I can flirt, flirt, flirt!
  • I can befriend males and females abroad without the worry of jealousy.
  • I don't have to worry about checking in at all.
  • I fall in love with my own company each time I am away.
  • I have the opportunity to take a risk and do something crazy without people backing me out of it.
  • I get to rediscover activities and hobbies I enjoy.
  • I can "waste" the day doing absolutely nothing without feeling guilty about hindering my man's plans.
  • I usually end up with free drinks (be sure to watch the bartender make it) or a special meal.
  • Nobody is checking how I spend my coins.
  • I can sleep horizontally without guilt.
  • I am able to operate on my time.
  • There is extra time to splurge on frilly activities like shopping and manicures. 
  • I feel fiercely independent... and I like it. 

Are these reasons selfish? Yes, probably so.  But everyone is beyond deserving of time catered to spoiling the self and indulging in "me" time.  I'm sure I will be adding more things to this list later.

What are your favorite things about traveling as a single? Leave me a note in the comments!


*Please note, this was strictly to uplift my single sisters in positivity.  Of course, I would love to meet the love of my life and travel across the globe with him, but he ain't here! When he is, I'm sure I'll make a great post about what I enjoy about #TravelingWithBae.  In the mean time, I can point you in the direction of travel blogs that discuss traveling as a couple.