My Favorite Travel Apps: Day 3

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

– Aldous Huxley

I would consider to include this app in my "lifesavers" category because it is simply that good.  It has saved me an insurmountable amount of time in regards to planning trips, estimating costs and time for logistics, and has been user friendly the entire way.  I probably should have saved it for last, but I was so excited, I wanted to declare my love to the blogosphere.  This app just proves that technology can be so beneficial when used properly ans hasassisted me in maneuvering throughout secluded islands where the main means of transportation were water taxis and golf carts.

What could that app be? Meet... 



Their tagline is, "Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile."

What I Love:

  • I could spend hours creating fake itineraries just because I am curious about how I would get there.  Typically, traveling to secluded places is difficult if there's not a large metropolis nearby.  Rome2Rio will find the means to get you there.
  • It includes the  various methods of transportation possible, the estimated duration, AND the estimated cost.  This is what makes me love Rome2Rio over Google Maps.  I am able to see where my coins will go and what is the best mechanism for me. (I didn't know there was a train from Dallas to Austin.)
  • You can do multi-city trips!  This is perfect if you're like to me and try to fit in more than one city into one vacation.
  • If you set up an account, you can save the trip itinerary so you are able to go back and compare.
  • You can change the currency, y'all!  How great would it be to be able to estimate how much of the local currency you'd need for transportation without having to do too much math on the spot.
  • Similarly, if you're outside of the US, kilometers are able to be applied as well.


What I Could Do Without:

  • I think it would be great if they added a "date" element to the search when you first try.  If you take a look, some of the price estimates are a bit wide.  As we know, prices for flights can jump, especially in peak seasons.


What To Look For:

  • While pinpointing my favorite things about Rome2Rio I realized that aside from transportation, the app also assists you with rental cars and accommodations.  Bonus!
  • Check out the "Things To Do" portion when you are searching for your trip! I am sure you will find some interesting attractions.
  • If you are always low on phone storage, the website works just as well.

I truly encourage you all to start using Rome2Rio.  It's user friendly, useful, and free! What else do you need?  Get a jumpstart on planning your upcoming travels!


Have you caught up on my other favorite apps?

Hotel Tonight


Best of luck planning!

Peace and Blessings,