Dope Event Alert! The #TooFlyFundraiser Recap

So much of what you are is where you’ve been.

My heart is so full.  Last night was special for Dallas and I am happy to have been a part of the experience.  Earlier this week, I told you all about a fundraising event that was crafted by my boys Marcus of the Hardly Home Initiative and Brandon of The Scheme Team.  The purpose of the Too Fly Happy Hour was to gather individuals together to eat, drink, and be merry at a location that would give proceeds directly to The Passport Program, an initiative seeking to bestow ONE HUNDRED passports to youth in high school / college.  

We took our talents to The Cedars Social, just minutes from downtown Dallas, and I was immediately impressed with the venue.  The nerd in me was obsessed with their display of books throughout the space.  Upon arrival, instead of having traditional (i.e. boring) name tags, you had to write down a country that you've either been to or want to visit. Naturally, I said South Africa, because I am determined to get there before 2018.  It is pretty much a non-negotiable.  It was a great conversation starter and it was fun to meet other folks with the same selection as me.   We took over the bar area and while it was an intimate space, it was the perfect size for some networking.   It was buzzing in there and it was simply a positive atmosphere and I soaked up as much of it as I could. 


As proceeds from the TooFlyFundraiser were given to The Passport Program, I had the daunting dask of choosing a cocktail and some food.  Poor me.  After checking out the options, I decided to go with a manhattan and it did not disappoint.  For $6, you were in for a treat and I will be back sooner than later to dive into some more of those delicious truffle fries.  For that reason alone, I have to give another shoutout to The Cedars Social for accommodating us and being gracious hosts. 

On a personal note, I felt as though I was actively living my passion last night.  I was able to combine my love for youth + community + travel all in one... with a delicious cocktail as a bonus.  I'm not sure how it will happen, but I want to be able to travel with youth in the near future.  Whether it be chaperoning a college visit field trip or taking them to Panama, I am determined for my dream to manifest.  I think anybody planning an event gets some nerves immediately prior about worrying if people will come, if they will enjoy themselves, will the staff act right, etc.  Well, around 8:00-8:30 when I was looking around I was in awe and was genuinely appreciative of folks taking their time to come out and assist us with raising funds.  There were lots of smiles, hugs, and most of all connections.  We had a wealth of travel influencers, Dallas creatives, entrepreneurs, and bloggers all under one roof.  I'm simply excited to see what's to come in the future based on what Person A + Person B concocted during the TooFlyFundraiser (FYI, I'm pretty observant).  It was also heartwarming to meet people who actually read my blog or follow me on Instagram.  That concept is still surreal to me that my reach is expanding but I just have to give the praise to Big Homie. 


This was only stop number 2 for the TooFlyFundraiser and Atlanta is on deck for December 8! We are going to start planning number 4 shortly, so hopefully, we will be at a city near you soon.  If you were unable to attend, fret not, you can still donate to The Passport Program here.  Make sure you share that link with your networks too as we enter this season of giving.  I hope to see you there!

Last but not least, I want to once again thank the wonderful souls that made this event shake.  Marcus, I appreciate your vision.  Brandon, I salute your connection.  Bola, thank you for putting it together.  We need to do this again real soon. 

Check out some more photos from the TooFlyFundraiser! 

All pictures (except 4) were taken by Jaren Collins of JCi Creatives. His talent is beyond  phenomenal. Find more photos from the TooFlyFundraiser at