My Ultimate Dallas Summer Bucket List

One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do It now.
— Paulo Coelho

Now that school is out, it's time to explore and parlay in the sun as much as possible.  I love and live for Summer and I want to get as much as I can done prior to the work season starting again.  Even though I am currently abroad, that does not mean that I can't have fun when I get back to my [new] home state of Texas upon my return.  

I will be celebrating my two-year anniversary in Dallas in August and I think this could be a great challenge and would also aid me in getting to know the city better because if I am honest, I stay within a certain range of the city and still have not even made it to Fort Worth. I need to diversify my Dallas experience and see everything the city has to offer while I am young and able. So, without further ado, I present to you...


My Ultimate Dallas Summer Bucket List

1. Take the TRE and spend a day in Fort Worth.

As I just told you all, I have really never spent much time in Fort Worth. I went grocery shopping for a few hours on the outskirts but I have never been inside the city.  I am still kicking myself for missing an exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and I am sure they still have some pretty good stuff. I have also been told that Sundance Square is pretty decent and I could enjoy my time out there. I guess I need to stop rolling my eyes at visiting the country and get my behind out there. 

2. Visit the floral haven at the  Dallas Arboretum

As a former science teacher, I am ashamed that I have yet to visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  I know this a part of my summer bucket list, but it should probably be on your's too. Whenever I am out of town I like to check out the botanical gardens, so it is downright shameful that I have not visited the gardens in my own city.  The worst part about it is that I currently only live about 15 minutes away. *covers face* The Arboretum often hosts events and they provide a discount for educators, so while the weather is beautiful, I want to make my way out there. 

3. Embark on a road trip to Oklahoma.

We all know that I am on a mission to see 30 states and countries prior to my 30th birthday.  Surprisingly, even with its close proximity, I have yet to visit Oklahoma.  It is simply too close for me to not take advantage.  Finding the time during the school year might be difficult if I did not have a true purpose in my visit, but with the summer, my time is available and I wouldn't mind exploring.  My only reservation is tornadoes and that is because I am a punk in that regard, but I am willing to take the slight risk to check out Turner Falls and Oklahoma City. 

4. Attend a Perot Museum Social Science Night

Once again, please pardon my nerd, but I think it is so cool that the Ross Perot Museum of Nature & Science offers evening programming catered towards adults.  Their social science nights are typically on a Friday evening but for some reason, I tend to be out of town whenever they take place.  Now that I know the date for the August event, I will do everything in my power to make sure I can attend.  The upcoming event will have patrons figuring out a Mayan mystery and we all know that's not something we do in our day-to-day lives.  I want to step out of the box and challenge myself.  I'm sure it will be a lot of fun too. 

5. Party at the W.

The W in Dallas hosts a summer "wet deck" pool party series and I did not get to partake last year. When I get back from my trip, I am determined to hit up the rooftop pool and participate in bad & bougie activities for the day.  I am sure the drinks will be costly and the crowd might be slightly pretentious, but I'll be there for the experience and will be sure to pregame prior to my arrival. As with many bucket list items, it might be a one and done. ;-) 

6. Ascend to the top of Reunion Tower.

Somehow, I have yet to visit Reunion Tower.  I love the fact that they have tours going on during the day and evening so you can decide the type of experience you want.  Whenever I get there, I am definitely going to indulge in Five Sixty, as I am certain that restaurant has one of the best panoramic views of the entire city. Happy hour, anyone? 

7. Buy some daiquiris to go and have a picnic at Bachman Lake Park

Ever since I first visited Louisiana, I became a fan of the daiquiri-to-go culture.  I was not sure if Dallas would replicate this culture, but it has started to and I am definitely a fan! Yes, Texas heat is a real thing but when you have a cool beverage with you, it does not seem so bad.  I will also say that Dallas is definitely not slipping when it comes to the park department. While I adore Klyde Warren Park, I was introduced to Bachman Lake Park and adore it because I get to watch airplanes take off / land, and that satisfies that aviation geek in me. Grab some friends, some daiquiris, a light snack, and hit park folks! 

8. Hang Out on 10 Different Rooftops

I first fell in love with Dallas' skyline.  The lights were eye-catching, interactive, and ever changing.  I cannot think of anything better than enjoying a cool beverage and hanging out on top of a rooftop in the summer with friends.  I am looking to host another ladies' night with my girls when I get back from my next trip and you can almost bet that a rooftop will be involved. 

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9. Create another street art walk. 

A little over a year ago, I spent the evening hanging out in Deep Ellum with the specific purpose of snapping as many shots of the murals as I could.  The gift and the curse are the fact that most of the murals have been replaced.  One you might fall in love with could be gone in a month due to a replacement or construction.  I would definitely like to explore South Dallas and Bishop Arts because I know they have some dope pieces as well.  I wonder how many of my friends would be up for that free field trip. 

10. Find a random festival or concert to attend.

When summer approaches, it's a great time to kick it at a festival or concert and enjoy the summer breeze.  Seeing how live Fiesta was in San Antonio reminded me that I should do a better job of seeing what's going on in Dallas any given weekend.  When I went to Earth Day Texas, it was a random Sunday and the festival was free. You absolutely cannot beat that. I'll more than likely consult one of the websites listed below and drag my friends with me. If it sucks, we can always hang out in Deep Ellum. 

Dallas-Based Websites to Help You Stay in the Know

Let me be the first one to tell you that I do not know all there is to do in Dallas.  I am just connected to some good people that are on the scene. However, I will say that these websites are spot on and always up-to-date. They cater to the young professional crowd that likes to be kinda ratchet, kinda classy. I highly encourage you to check them out as you construct your own Dallas summer bucket list. 

Have you all created a summer bucket list for yourself? What's holding you back? You still have time before Summer officially begins. Let me know one thing you want to do this summer in the comments. Cheers to creating epic Summer '17 memories!