How I Would Describe 15 European Cities Using 3 Adjectives

Happy weekend, travelers!

A lot of you have been asking what I thought about each of the cities I traveled to.  So, I figured for the weekend I would give you all a short post on how I would describe each city.  Of course, I'd encourage you all to visit them all and see for yourself, but sometimes you are searching for a certain vibe.  I hope this helps!


Historical, Hilly, Fascinating

I got hustled out of 1 euro when I first got to Madrid for a picture with a cartoon character.  That quickly snapped me back into reality but I also discovered why Europeans were so fit. I will also say my free walking tour helped me learn about its history and I appreciated the Spanish structure. 



Warm, Calming, Laid Back. 

Porto was where I spent my first night in Europe.  While I adjusted physically and mentally, it was the perfect city to truly introduce me to Europe.  The people were very chill and I did not feel like I stood out too much. 


Underappreciated, Artistic, Breezy

If you have been following along, you know that I had a love affair with Lisbon.  It reminded me of Fort Lauderdale with better street art. I felt like I could live there.  It's right by the coast and therefore, it's people are breezy and laid back. 


Fresh, Welcoming, Clean

Lyon was my first introduction to France.  Even though I had a slight run-in with some gentlemen, the city literally smelled like flowers.  Their public transportation was clean and I am glad I visited the city first. 


Chic, Fast, Surreal

The city I had been dreaming of for so long.  I teared up when I saw the Eiffel Tower people.  I had a fabulous time with the French people and they were extremely warm towards me.  Perhaps because I try to remain humble and use the native language, but I do not think the French are rude at all. 


Funky, Diverse, Iconic

London was the first city that I unpacked in.  Clearly, I was comfortable.  The city just had a cool vibe and people were effortlessly stylish.  I almost purchased a leather jacket so I could fit in. 


Tasty, Condense, Surprising

I had a bad introduction to Brussels.  I was ready to go. But I decided to stay.  I met bae, bartenders, and was shocked to know that they partied until 4am on weekdays.  I actually ended up staying a day longer than I intended to.  Don't judge a city by its intro. 

Den Haag

Soothing, Under-the-Radar, Mixed

A lot of negative events were taking place back in the US and I decided that I needed some beach time.  I had heard one of my hostel mates talking about visiting The Hague and I am so glad I did.  It was the perfect amount of peace and zen I needed prior to heading to Amsterdam. I also did not expect The Netherlands to be as diverse as it was.  The more you know, right? 


Dope, FUN, Unusual

Aside from Amsterdam being one of my favorite cities from the trip, I also had the pleasure of running into two people I knew. How random? But, Amsterdam can be fun for anyone.  If you like museums, you're covered. Like sex? Check out the sex museum (yep...).  Like seeing diverse crowds? They've got that too. 


CRAZY, Eclectic, Cheap

Berlin marches to the beat of its own drum.  Even though I had some minor issues, the city was still a pleasant surprise.  I did not expect it to be as diverse as it was. I felt pretty honored to be staying in the East Side and within walking distance of the Berlin Wall (Shoutout to 1989). Want to know why I called it crazy? They also party until 7am. Sheesh!


BEAUTIFUL, Golden, Slow

The awesome thing about backpacking is the fact that you can change your plans.  I originally had no intentions of going to Florence, but I did, and it was a great introduction to Italy.  The pace was needed after being in Berlin and it was truly a breathtaking city.  I climbed up hills to bask in the views and loved how golden it was at night. 


Stunning, Floral, Nautical

I have become mildly obsessed with boats as I go on vacation, and when I got to Sorrento, I got my boat.  My hostel had an amazing rooftop view of the beach and volcano.  I loved the landscape of the region, shopping in its markets, and did not want to leave at all.


Romantic, Secluded, Blissful

I would totally honeymoon in Italy.  It was so nice to get on a water taxi and totally get away for the day.  I had been having an adventure while I was in Europe, but Capri really felt like vacation


Captivating, Monumental, Uplifting

By the time I got to Rome, I was emotionally spent. A delayed train had caused me to miss my Megabus from Naples and the bank fraud situation was increasingly upsetting.  But as always, Big Homie placed some amazing people into my life and they boosted my mood. Rome was also just a fun city to be in.  You could see historical monuments, eat great food, and go to the beach.  I didn't have enough time there and I need to go back.


Sexy, Addicting, Modern

So many people kept telling me that I was going to love Barcelona and I really did.  She was my spirit animal.  I instantly felt like I was back in Miami and had to remind myself I was in foreign territory.  It felt natural being there and there was always something fun to do.  We won't talk about how many tapas I ate. 

How I Would Describe 15 European Cities

I am grateful to have had more good memories than bad ones from Summer '16.  I have no idea where I will be next when I go abroad, but that is part of the fun.  Have you ever been to Europe? How would you describe the cities you visited? Let's chat!