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Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.
— Lenny Bruce

Happy Miami Day, travelers!

While I’m not quite sure if today has been officially crowned as such, I do know that today is March 5, or 3/05, and because I went to school in Florida, I’m here for it! What better time than now to share with you all how I spent an extended weekend in Miami last month with one of my girlfriends? It was definitely a welcome escape as winter decided to rear its head in Dallas.

A few months ago, a couple of my friends put out an APB that Dallas to Miami had roundtrip flights on American Airlines basic economy for $100 roundtrip. I had recently taken a trip to Denver for $50 using the basic economy option and knew that if I wanted any add-ons, I could pay for them later. I just wanted the flight and knew I could and would ask questions later. I ended up booking the flight for February and knew that with a huge event I was planning for work, I’d need the stress relief.

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Where I Ate

  • Front Porch Cafe: I first came to Front Porch Café in 2012 and remembered their Cajun scrambler. As soon as we got settled into our room, the beach was the destination after brunch! There were some mermaids passing out delicious liquor tastings and the servers hooked us up with plenty of prosecco. It was definitely the start of a great trip!
  • Deco Sandwiches: After being at the beach for a few hours, it was time to smash on some food. We came for the wings, ended up taking some shots, because, Miami. It wasn’t my favorite but it did the job.
  • Yardbird: Unfortunately, I was a wee bit hungover from the night before and I couldn’t enjoy the true glory of my meal. I was so disappointed because everything looked amazing. The mac & cheese was incredibly rich. The chicken biscuits looked and smelled heavenly but I couldn’t indulge in them for a few hours later. It was still worth it!
  • Atlantis Cafe: I found this gem with my BFF yelp and I’m so happy we did. It was a small eatery where locals go to get delicious bites for CHEAP prices.
  • Publix: If you know, you just know. I gladly assembled my items together for my personal beach picnic that I had at Crandon Beach later that day with some wine. Chicken and sweet tea, please!

Where I Stayed

We stayed at the Eurostars Langford hotel in downtown Miami on the edge of  Brickell. I still feel some kind of way about this hotel, which I booked on HotelTonight but don’t hold it against them. The location was pretty convenient. We could get to Brickell, Bayside, South Beach, and Wynwood within 15-20 minutes. There were just a few kinks that I think should be worked out in the hotel and I plan on posting a thorough review soon! Let’s just say, customer service will make or break your experience.

Where I Played

  • South Beach: Obviously, I went to the beach. Yes, there are different options but at the end of the day I still want to be able to have a beverage, hear some music, and people watch! You’ll always run into some characters on Ocean Avenue.
  • Brick: Let me preface this with saying I LOVE hanging out in Wynwood. Give me Wynwood over a club on South Beach any day! We kicked off our night here with one of my best friends and I’m almost certain that we stayed right until closing at 3.
  • Sidebar: Ahh, the memories. Think, after hours. Sidebar doesn’t close until 5am (hello, Miami). I loved the outdoor seating and the fact that I could just chill with a beer and watch dance battles take place.
  • Star Island Boat Tour: I was determined to get on a boat during our extended weekend! Throughout my years in Miami and the many times I visited later,  I never took a tour of Star Island. That changed during this trip! I was excited to see my boy Diddy’s crib and the weather was perfect.
  • Wynwood Walls: You have to visit Wynwood for the art. Whether you come specifically to the Walls or simply wander around, you’ll be in awe. We actually got to see some artists putting a piece together and one of my favorites was a “resist” mural aimed at our beloved president.
  • Wood Tavern: We didn’t party here at night but it’s still one of my favorite bars. It’s extremely chill. Having some tacos doesn’t hurt either.
  • Blackbird Ordinary: I hate that I couldn’t visit on a Tuesday night for ladies’ night. It was pretty dead when we went but I charge it to Sunday. They still make one of my favorite cocktails.
  • Blue Martini: It wasn’t happy hour but we met a man who was persistent in securing the beverages for us. The music was dope and even though it was a smaller Sunday crowd, I enjoyed myself!
  • Crandon Beach: I had a full day to myself on my last day and decided to switch my beach up. I googled “best beaches” around me and my mouth dropped when Crandon Beach appeared. I had only been one time but from what I recalled, I loved it! Let me tell y’all. The sandbar is huge. You would never be able to tell I was at least 40 feet from the shore in some of my photos and I could’ve gone out a lot further. It was a Tuesday and so hardly anyone was there. I could only hear the breeze and the waves. It was a picture perfect scene except for one thing… the jellyfish were out there! I couldn’t fearlessly run through the water because I know I personally counted at least 20. Even still, I loved it.

Who wouldn't want to escape the winter blues and run away to Miami? Read about where I ate, stayed, and played during my extended girls' weekend in Miami on the blog now!

Who wouldn't want to escape the winter blues and run away to Miami? Read about where I ate, stayed, and played during my extended girls' weekend in Miami on the blog now!

I know that in a few online travel communities I am a part of, people like to get a passport and start hating on others that visit Miami, but I am NOT one of those people. I have a soft spot for South Florida and will return to visit as much as I can. We had a great girls’ trip without needing to get too crazy at the club. We were our own kind of lit.

I’m looking forward to returning to Miami a couple more times this year and to continue exploring. Have you been to Miami? What was your overall impression? Let’s chat!