Six Weeks of Travel In One Duffel Bag


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If you were traveling for six weeks, would you be able to fit all of your clothes into one duffel bag or would you choose to check your bags throughout the process.  Me?  As I'm sure you know by now, I am #TeamCarryOn all the way.  I laugh in hindsight when I would bring two huge suitcases home to New Jersey for a two week Winter Break vacation. 

Did I really put all of my clothes into one duffel bag for six weeks? Yes, yes I did.  Before I get into the breakdown of what I actually took with me to Europe, here are a couple of notes. 

  • I packed intentionally with a color scheme.  If you look at most of my Europe pictures, I am wearing black, pink, or a neutral color.  Later in my trip I went shopping and purchased some red, purple, and leopard items.  However, traveling with a scheme allows things to blend together seamlessly for more outfit choices. 
  • I roll all of my clothing. 
  • Traveling in warmer climates affords me (or anyone) the option to need less bulky climates.
  • Dresses are easier to roll for me than pants.
  • For my international trips, I am an avid fan of duffel bags.  My motto is, "If I can't carry it, it doesn't come." God forbid I need to run with my bags or protect myself, I need my hands free (blame the Jersey girl in me ;-) ).


What I Packed

Tops / Jackets

  • Pink ruffle top
  • Orange crop top
  • 2 Black crop tops
  • Black tank 
  • Black halter
  • White tank top 
  • Nomadness statement tee
  • Black & white sleeveless blouse
  • White blazer
  • Pink cardigan
  • Tan & black ruffle top


  • Purple pants
  • 3 pairs of leggings
  • Black Shorts
  • Black pajama shorts
  • Khaki shorts
  • Black pants
  • Jeans
  • Pink skirt
  • Black / Gray palazzo pants
  • Pastel palazzo pants
  • Black maxi skirt


  • Pink flowy dress
  • Black & white striped dress
  • Black maxi dress (my most worn item)
  • Black & gold dress
  • Black romper


  • Black bra
  • Neutral bra
  • 2 strapless bra
  • 4 bikinis 
  • 1 pair of wedges
  • 1 pair of sandals

What I Wouldn't Pack Next Time

  • Purple pants
  • Jeans (I'm on the fence)
  • Orange crop top 
  • Black pants
  • one of the bikinis

What I Lost

  • Black halter top 


What I Left Behind

  • Black romper
  • Black crop top
  • Wedges

What I Purchased

  • Turquoise satin top
  • Pink midi dress
  • Green t-shirt dress
  • Red racerback dress
  • Leopard bodycon dress
  • Green & Purple satin dress 

Considering the fact that I only used one duffel bag for my clothing, I am extremely impressed with the quantity of items I was able to carry.  I know I should be a bit more focused the next time I pack and that way I will be able to maximize even more outfits.  I also realize, I simply feel like a goddess in my maxi dresses / skirts and look like I put effort into those choices, when I was truly being lazy.  I'll definitely add more of them and less pants next go around. 

So what about you? Are you team carry-on or checked bags? Do you think you could be #AboutThisLife ? Speak on it in the comments! 


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Like this post? Be sure to share it on Pinterest!