5 Reasons You Should Consider a Staycation This Summer

Hey there, travelers!

It's my last week abroad. *insert sad face here*  This trip has been a life changing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life, and while I do not want to leave, I am slightly looking forward to being home so I can pig out on Chipotle (kidding... kind of).   

A lot of people have been saying they're "jealous" of my trip or wish that they too could take an extended vacation, and while I appreciate the intention, I do not think staying at home is a bad thing.  I remember when an ex-boyfriend and I took a staycation from Houston to the Woodlands and had the time of our lives.  You would've never known we were only about 30 minutes from home because we soaked it up for what it was worth. 

It's about the experience you decide to create. 


I took a staycation in Dallas in March after scoring a huge room on HotelTonight.

I took a staycation in Dallas in March after scoring a huge room on HotelTonight.

So, let's talk about the 5 reasons you need to consider taking a staycation before summer is over. 

1. You do not appreciate your current hometown enough.

I, too, am guilty of this.  I am sure a lot of us are.  I grew up outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey and I am sad to say that I did not take advantage of the amazing city it was.  Of course, I clubbed, I did some field trips back in the day, but I didn't optimize the time I had to explore quirky neighborhoods when I would visit my mom.  When people ask me what to do in Philadelphia, I cannot give a thorough answer and that saddens me.  Do you know the gems of your city?  Ask me about the top sights in Dallas and I would probably give you a blank stare.  I need to do better. 

2. It can be more budget friendly!

If you are constantly telling yourself you need a vacation but are watching your budget, a staycation can be the perfect alternative.  Check around for some hotel deals that are within an hour of your home and book it! I rely heavily on Hotel Tonight, but Groupon is known for great local deals as well.  Since you will be staying in your area, you will save money on transportation and will be able to splurge on dining out and shopping (if that's your cup of tea).  Sometimes the most expensive part of vacation is getting there, so your pockets will thank you. 

3. You will help boost your local economy. 

On top of saving money, you are also boosting your community.  We pump a lot of dollars into other cities and countries, but let's be sure we are taking care of home too.  I have been trying to do better with simple things like local coffee shops but domestic cities have tourism communities too! Let's not leave them out. 

4. It can be as fun or relaxing as you make it.

There is nothing like a good recharge session for me before I head back into the school year.  My preferred refuge is the beach, but maybe you like to go camping or visit the mountains.  Since you are already saving money, you can design your trip to your liking.  You will be able to explore your city or its surrounding neighborhood more in depth because you are in vacation mode instead of running errands.  I'd also encourage you to unplug.  If you're going to put yourself in vacation mode, you need to be sure that you're doing it properly.  No, you do not have time to run home.  Save it for Monday. 

5. It's simply easier!

I love traveling.  I love being in Europe but let's be real...  Travel can be exhausting. I do not even want to think about getting my body back adjusted to Central Standard Time nor the semi-lengthy flight back to Boston.  If I told you all how many hours I spent on overnight buses you would probably clutch your pearls.  This is another reason why staycations are amazing.  You don't have to go through the mess! There is no jetlag, no learning of another language, no awkward stares at public transportation maps.  For the win.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Taking a Staycation This Summer

Have I convinced you yet? I'm going to challenge you all to take a staycation sometime soon! Explore your hood and find new gems.  For those of you have been on staycations, what was on your itinerary? Let me know!  I'll be back in the States soon and we can chat about it.