40 Days in Europe: The Statistics

I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.
— Thomas Jefferson

Hello, August!

It is my first Monday back in the States and I don't know how to feel about it.  My body is finally recalibrating due to the jetlag and I am slowly getting back into having a routine.  It still feels a bit odd to wake up over here instead of to a beach or to 11 other people in the room but I am simply taking it day by day.  However, if there is one thing to be excited about, it's finally being able to share my stories about my trip with you all! I am commencing a 40 Days in Europe series for the month and figured an introductory post with the numbers would be spot on.  Want to know how much I spent on my hostels?  How many countries did I visit?  

Let's dig deep into the adventure. 

Number of Travelers: 1

Total Miles Covered: 14,729 


  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. France
  4. England
  5. Belgium
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Germany
  8. Italy


  1. Madrid (stopover)
  2. Porto
  3. Lisbon
  4. Lyon
  5. Paris
  6. London
  7. Brussels
  8. Den Haag
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Berlin
  11. Sorrento
  12. Capri
  13. Florence
  14. Rome
  15. Barcelona


  1. Dallas to Boston
  2. Boston to Porto
  3. Lisbon to Lyon
  4. Berlin to Florence
  5. Rome to Barcelona
  6. Barcelona to Lisbon
  7. Porto to Boston
  8. Philadelphia to Dallas

Bus Journeys:

  1. Lyon to Paris (overnight, 5 hours)
  2. Paris to London (overnight, 8 hours)
  3. London to Brussels (overnight, 7 hours)
  4. Brussels to Den Haag (3 hours)
  5. Amsterdam to Berlin (overnight, 10.5 hours)
  6. Florence to Naples (overnight, 6 hours)
  7. Naples to Rome (3 hours)


  1. Tattva Design Hostel (Porto), 3 nights, €69.50
  2. Lisbon Destination Hostel, 3 nights, €74
  3. Le Flaneur Guesthouse (Lyon), 1 night, €22
  4. Le Village Hostel (Paris), 1 night, €43.50
  5. Generator Paris, 2 nights, €86.50
  6. Palmers Swiss Cottage (London), 4 nights, €94
  7. Meininger (Brussels), 3 nights, €45.90
  8. Hostel The Hague, 2 nights, €62
  9. Generator Amsterdam, 2 nights, €57
  10. Hostelle (Amsterdam), 3 nights, €96
  11. Plus Berlin, 2 nights, €56
  12. Hotel Savonarola, 1 night, €42
  13. Hostel Seven (Sorrento), 1 night, €35
  14. The Yellow (Rome), 2 nights, €63.65
  15. Alessandro Palace (Rome), 1 night, €35
  16. Sant Jordi Rock Hostel (Barcelona), 2 nights, €51.80
  17. Pilot City Design (Porto), 1 night, €18

Total Hostel Cost: €949.85 ($1,061 USD) for 34 nights!!! 

I am in awe of the numbers I put forth this summer.  When I totaled up the number of miles covered my mouth dropped.  Thank goodness for those overnight buses with wifi to get me through the hours of trekking around Europe.  I'm also extremely pleased with the total cost for my hostels and will be sharing a post about my entire hostel experience next week. 

Make sure to visit the blog often as I share my stories about my 40 Days in Europe as a solo female traveler.  Do you keep track of your stats or expenses during extended travel? I'm curious.

40 Days in Europe- The Statistics


Peace and Blessings,