My Favorite Travel Apps: Day 5

Adventure awaits.
— Unknown

At first, I didn't consider this too much of a travel app.  However, the more I thought about how I rely on it when I am out of town, the more I realize it qualifies.  I'm sure most of you have heard of it or utilize it to some capacity, but how are you making this app work for you? What am I talking about?


That's right.  Every time I go out of town, if I don't stop to ask the locals where I should go for coffee, jazz, art, etc, I consult my handy dandy Yelp app.  Yelp has also been instrumental for me in planning loose itineraries of fun shenanigans for me to get into while I'm away.  


  • You are getting authentic, non-sponsored reviews.  Companies are not paying individuals (not that I believe) to leave them great reviews and so you are getting some real, straight to the point insight on the establishment you are researching.
  • Pictures! I am SUCH a visual person and I sincerely appreciate the shots that customers take of any and everything dealing with a business.  From the decor, to food options, coffee art, and things you might not actually want to see, you are going to know what you are in store for.  Sometimes I almost feel as though the pictures are more of a selling point than the reviews because at times, I just want a quick glimpse into seeing a business and what they can offer me. 


  • I love getting compliments and likes on my statuses, but sometimes I get overwhelmed in that I need to return the favor.  I already have four Instagrams linked to my phone (seriously), two Facebook accounts, and Lord knows how many emails.  I don't necessarily need another app for me to get consumed with. 


  • Reviews from elite members.  They are well versed in leaving reviews for Yelp and do not only leave reviews for one particularly bad instance.  Most of these reviewers are well-rounded and just want to give an accurate testimony of the event.


Update from 04/15/16: Guess who got invited to be an Elite member? I hadn't even published the post yet but I am SO excited! Yay! I guess this will put the pressure on me to keep it up with awesome reviews and photos. 

Peace and Blessings,