My Favorite Travel Apps: Day 4

"I read.  I travel.  I become."

-Derek Walcott

If you are following me on Instagram, I made a comment about this app in February when I had discovered it for the first time.  It has made one of my least favorite things to do while traveling easier.  What do I dislike doing?  Checking into hotels.  I have not a clue why it grinds my gears, but I just do not enjoy that process and would rather just waltz into the hotel after hours of traveling.  Can you blame me?


Now, before you immediately leave because you are not a part of the Hilton rewards system, hear me out.  I think that you can apply this to other hotel chains although, I am only versed in Hilton.

What I Love:

  • You are able to select your room.  This is perfect for me because I like to place myself on the highest floor possible.