I Don't Date Men Without Passports

The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.

"Bae ain't bae, if bae doesn't have a passport."

Does this sound like you? 

If you are a man, do you apply this to women?

For me, this isn't true.  At all... Anymore. However, I bet I was almost convinced to say it when I first started traveling because I was under the impression that every young, professional black man, should have a passport.

Insert: "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself." 

I went on a date back in March of this year and the man that I was with had informed me that at the tender age of 30, he had yet to be out of the country.  I think I was touched by an angel before I scrunched my face, and had to remind myself, that only a year ago, that was me too, and who the hell am I to judge him?  He stated that he was interested in doing it, he just had not had the opportunity yet.  More importantly, he planned on taking his first trip in August.  I am glad I did not speak out or have a negative reaction entirely too quickly.  That could have gotten really awkward really fast. 

 Because, one day, I WOULD like to observe sunsets with #FutureBae. Are you reading this, sir? lol! 

Because, one day, I WOULD like to observe sunsets with #FutureBae. Are you reading this, sir? lol! 

I am the first one to say that I adore travel and think that if you have the option of doing it, you should.  I think travel is an eye-opening experience that allows you to become intimate with yourself and the world.  However,  more and more I find that "having a passport" is a member of men/women's checklists and if you hear that a potential mate does not have a passport or simply does not want to travel, they are immediately dismissed.  What I am saying is that we need to take a pause and listen before we immediately snap and bust out our favorite Instagram travel accounts.

I know that I have my own personal agenda to reach 30 states and countries by my 30th birthday but this endeavor is for me and me only.  I have no one to impress, but I feel as though sometimes those of us in the passport gang have an elitist attitude towards others who have not yet crossed the threshold.   Sure, there are some people that really and truly have NO desire to see a world other than their own, but there are some people that have an ounce of curiosity but have to deal with people that JUDGE them and that ultimately leaves them with apathy.  

When you encounter someone that says "I have no interest in traveling" or "I don't want to venture out there",  do them and yourself a favor and find out why.  What's their story?  Is it a fear of flying?  Have they heard horror stories?  Do they feel they wouldn't have anyone to experience travel with?

I Don't Date Men Without Passports

Perhaps you can help them pop their travel cherry and expose them to the greatness Mother Earth has to showcase.  Maybe you can start small and plan a staycation or a quick getaway to another city in the US.  Try a trip to the US Virgin Islands.  But don't, I repeat don't, become one of those people that slaps a potential mate in the face with your passport.  It's not like they are a limited edition item that will never be available again.  Patience people, patience.

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