Reasons Why I Shouldn't Go to Mexico City...

Show it who’s boss. Feed your fear a suck-it sandwich.
— Jen Sincero

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have spent the last four years teaching at a Title I public school in Houston (I recently took on a semi-promotion position in Dallas and will start there in August).  Most of the students that I taught were of Hispanic descent, mainly Mexican, El Salvadorian, Colombian, and others.  I have always loved foreign languages for as long as I can remember and willingly took French and Spanish throughout high school instead of art or parenting.  I've enjoyed improving my Spanish by practicing with my students, their families, and the taqueria across the street.  Needless to say, I was extremely excited when I told my kids that I booked a flight to Mexico!  Of course, they assumed I was going to Cancun or Cabo, so when I told them that I would be going to Mexico City, their expressions changed a bit.

"Ooh miss, you gotta be careful.  They're gonna get you."

"You know that's like real Mexico right? Don't get your head chopped off."

"Don't go out at night!"

"You're black, miss! You're gonna stick out. Be careful!"

Pulling the mental notes I've taken from Jen Sincero about fear, maybe my kids were cautioning me because they cared about me a lot and did not want to see their teacher go missing.  I also think to some degree, they enjoyed hyping up the danger of Mexico City for their own personal enjoyment.  This was a scenario in which they could very well potentially swap positions with Ms. CJ, and school me about their country.

As if the stars aligned, one of my homegirls decided that she wanted to join me in my solo trek, so now there would be two colored girls entering Mexico City. I continued on with my research and was blessed to stumble upon these gems that made me feel better about my upcoming trip:

I'm not due to depart for another two weeks so I will be brushing up on my research and registering with the embassy to calm some nerves.  I'm looking forward to the museums, the zoo, the castle...ahh, the history nerd in me is excited.  I've also been searching for rooftops to visit and even discovered a gorgeous library via Pinterest (I have a goal of reading fifty books before the first day of school, since I love challenges so much).

While away for vacation, the plan is to dip out to the beach sometime throughout my 9 day stay, so I need to make a decision of whether it will in fact be Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.  I also need to secure my AirBnB lodging (oops)...or in fact, let me just say I need to get my life together for this trip before my friend kills me! But hey, as I mentioned before I'm pretty relaxed when I travel nowadays, but the business will get done.

Any tips on Mexico City?  Sites to go venture off to? Let me know!