H-Town Bucket List

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Today is Monday, June 15 and seemingly another ordinary Monday.  I am on my first summer vacation in eight years, have been reading up a storm, stalking airfare sales, and mentally deciding which items will come with me to DFW.  But then it dawned on me why the 15th of this month is important to me.

I only have one month left in Houston.

It is a hard pill to swallow that after my four year love affair with this city, I will be leaving for St. Louis in a month, and then moving into a new home in Dallas in August.  While my first 5-6 months were testy, I truly started to gain an appreciation for the city in January of 2012.  I understood why people were so #HTown and I willingly represented Houston when I was out of town.  I am blessed to have a new job opportunity and the chance to make my mark on another Texas town, but I would be lying if the thought did not make my heart ache a bit.

What should I do with my one month left?

A bucket list it is!  I do not expect everything on the list to get done (although that would be LOVELY), but I hope to accomplish at least 50% of the list.  I'll probably be adding things to this as it goes, but at least I have somewhere to keep my thoughts together.

  • Go to Kemah Boardwalk.
  • Attend a festival.
  • Ride the MetroRail.
  • Visit the Houston Zoo (pray for me, as it's hot in Texas).
  • Visit 3 museums I have not been to yet.
  • Get a library card.
  • Kayak in Buffalo Bayou.
  • Eat at the Downtown Aquarium
  • Complete a margarita bar crawl.
  • #HashtagLunchBag
  • Attend a Houston Astros game.
  • Do the Houston Astros Stadium Tour
  • Attend a Houston Dynamo game.
  • Visit the Sky Lobby in the JP Morgan Chase building.
  • Pedal Party!
  • Crawfish stops: LA Crawfish and Lotus
  • Get wasted at St. Arnold's brewery.
  • Walk through the downtown tunnels (my mother has been here ONCE and got to do this before me!)
  • Look like a tourist and do the Houston Segway Tour.
  • Go to the Heights White Linen party.
  • Go to somebody's concert.
  • Sunday Funday in the Third Ward
  • Houston Bud and Burgers Challenge

Do you have any suggestions?  Let me know what else I'm missing!  Here's to making my last month count.


Source: 365 Things To Do In Houston

Peace and Blessings,