New State Alert: California Girls Pt. 2

Thanks be to God, I have arrived at this port of San Diego. It is beautiful to behold and does not belie its reputation.
— Father Junipero Serra


Day 2- Saturday

Hillcrest, Little Italy, Granny Time

If there was one thing on my mind when I woke up on Saturday morning, it was the restaurant a fellow #TNDistrict member suggested to me, Snooze: An AM Eatery.  Since Jessica and I were laying our heads in Hillcrest, we were within walking distance and this had to happen.  The reviews on Yelp had me salivating as though I never had breakfast food before in life.

Walking to Hillcrest reminded me of Montrose in Houston, meaning rainbows and shorts everywhere! Arriving at Snooze, we noticed black people (yay!) and quite a crowd. We were told the wait would be about an hour and so we made our way towards a Bubble Tea place to kill some time.  I was moderately surprised when I ended up liking the tea which I did not have a taste for when I was in college.  I guess it's another scenario in which as I've gotten older my palette has changed, not that I mind much.

After getting back to Snooze when it was time, the wait was 100% worth it.  After a casual conversation of the waitress liking my headpiece that was serving as a birthday crown, I was surprised yet again with another birthday dessert.  Let's talk about white chococolate chip pancakes! The Lord was with me!  I also had the ability to customize my own meal and ended up with a shredded pork, scrambled eggs, salsa, hashbrown, and bread beauty. I couldn't even finish it all, but my eyes were still rolling back with satisfaction.

On our walk back to our AirBnB home, we were solicited by a porn scout twice for our "juicy booties", but maybe they don't see shapely women too often in those parts? #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm Neither of us were feeling too hot, so we slumped into a Saturday siesta.  We tried to make our way to the famous San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, but the rainy weather said "not today", so we did the next best thing two women in their twenties could do...we went to a wine cellar!

It was my first time at a wine cellar, and now I'm mentally preparing for a trip to a vineyard.  We learned different techniques about checking wine prior to drinking it, and the red wine drinker in me was in heaven.  I grew particularly fond of Tempranillo and have since purchased it in Houston. Even though I had a light bite in the cellar, courtesy of Chef Samantha, we were still craving some pizza and as we were in Little Italy, we walked to quite a few shops before making our decision. I love pizza, but I'm not standing in a two hour line for it. Nope, not me. The pizza we had served us just fine.

Now, the plan was to head out to town after taking a "brief" nap post-Dinner, but let's say the granny squad did not make it.  I secretly think it was a blessing in disguise as we had a 6:15am flight to be ready for.  I can only imagine how I would appear on a flight coming straight from the club (not that I haven't done that before...wink wink). All in all, I was completely satisfied with everything I did in the short time span that we had.  I would have loved to go in the water, but it was simply too cold, and the Sun was shining enough for the Zoo / Gardens, but that only gives me further reason to return to San Diego in the near future.  I'm beyond grateful we chose a more relaxed city instead of clubhopping in LAX, I'm just not sure I would have survived.  I had a great introduction to California, and look forward to exploring more of it in the future.

Peace and Blessings,