10 Things I Love About Dallas

Dallas is a city full of friendly, proud, hardworking people who make things happen. They are less talk and more action.
— Renee Rouleau

This post has been a long time coming because everybody knows that I love Houston, Texas like I was born there.  However, if I am true with myself, Dallas and I have been having a much better relationship now than we did when I first arrived in August 2015.  I used to leave Dallas for Houston like clockwork every 3 weeks but that turnaround has slowed down immensely and I have gotten a lot more satisfied with living here in North Texas.  So, after almost 2 years of being here, 214, this one is for you.

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1. Dallas & Brunch Go Together

I know some cities like New York City and D.C. are known for their weekends full of boozy brunches, but here in the South, Dallas goes hard when it comes to brunching.  The question is never are we going to brunch but where are we going to brunch.  Whether it is a simple quiet outing or an epic Sunday Funday full of carafes, Dallas has a wide selection to meet a diverse crowd and never disappoints.  Dallas is also simply extra when it comes to restaurants in general, but brunch is a special game that we are the masters at. 


Sidebar, my girls Toni and Tanisha have a blog called Brunchlust in which they post weekly reviews of new brunch restaurants in Dallas and in cities they travel to so you definitely want to check that out.

2. Traveling is cheaper!

I was watching the news last year when I randomly saw that they had a report featuring the cheapest airports to fly in and out of.  Both DFW and Love Field were on that list.  I have had access to more airlines that I have grown to love (Like Virgin America for example) and have really been able to hop in and out of the city because we are a hub to so many airlines.  If I ever did move away from Dallas, I would surely miss the wonderful deals that consistently bless Dallas.

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3. The Black Creative Network is real.

I don’t know what I was doing in Houston, but I will say that I have linked up with a lot of black creatives out here in Dallas.  So many people are hosting events that it is hard to keep up and support everything, but the wealth of knowledge and opportunity here is real.  I used to hate that it was smaller in comparison to Houston but I have since discovered that that is a good thing and Dallas is trying to get BIG so you can quickly make a name for yourself and your brand out here.

4. Dallas & Deep Ellum are artsy AF.

That really should be all I have to say but this neighborhood is the love of my life.  I remember when I first visited Dallas a couple of times when I was living in Houston and I just felt that the city was extremely pretentious, but then I met Deep Ellum, my spirit sister.  The vibe there is always perfect.  Deep Ellum is the home to live music sets, dope murals, casual bars and rooftops, and laidback souls.  Some people love Uptown and look down at Deep Ellum, but as long as this neighborhood stays the way it is, I'll be a fan forever. 

 The best neighborhood in all the land.  

The best neighborhood in all the land.  


Aside from Deep Ellum, Dallas has done a magnificent job of incorporating the arts into the cities.  There are tiled murals at the DART rail stations.  You will find random statues scattered throughout the cities.  Our museum collections are impressive and a lot of art shows are making their way to Dallas, when once upon a time they would probably frequent Austin first.  

5. You can get your GRUB on here.

Yes, we have Tex-Mex all over the Metroplex, but I love that Dallas' cuisine options are as diverse as they are.  I have a little thing for Asian cuisine at the moment and can list out various restaurants I enjoy for Thai, Vietnamese, or Indian dishes easily.  If you are a foodie, Dallas will be heaven for you with prices that you could only dream of seeing in New York City. If you are not careful, you will quickly gain weight.   

6. "All of the lights"

A friend of mine calls me a “whimsical child” and I must admit, it’s pretty true.  It doesn’t take a lot to impress me but I promise you, when I see a gorgeous light fixture, my attention is diverted and I become obsessed for the time being.  Imagine my heart fluttering with the splendor of alternating lights that Dallas boasts nightly.  I always look for the Bank of America Tower when I am making an airplane descent because that reminds me that I am home.  If you are ever visiting Dallas, I encourage you to take some time to admire the work that has gone into crafting a nightly experience to guide your senses.

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7. The neighborhoods

Neighborhoods and their individual quirks add to any city’s charm.  Here in Dallas, you definitely have the ability to pick your vibe in the various neighborhoods.  Once you find what you like, you stick to it. I am a laid-back, mural loving, prosecco drinking kind of girl that doesn’t need to get too dressed up and I know where I vibe out the best.  Each neighborhood has their own spirit and once you find one that matches your wavelength, you will be in love. 

8. Festival / Parade Season

When the weather begins to cooperate (which seems to be all the time lately), festivals begin popping up in Dallas proper and other surrounding cities.  Just this past weekend I attended our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and it was LIT!  Whether you want a festival pertaining to art, music, food, or all three, Dallas is the place to be.  Check out this post from Everfest if you want to peruse through the wonderful options 214 will be hosting.



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9. There is always something to do.

I am a member of several (too many) GroupMe chats and can attribute a lot of my new friendships and knowledge about the city's in's and out's to conversations in the chats.  Even though Dallas is smaller than Houston, there is something to do on every day of the week.  Now, I am not speaking about super lit parties until 4 in the morning, but if you like cultural events, sports, or a great park, we've got it here.  When trying to figure out things to do I typically refer to I Don't Do Clubs, The Dallas Observer, and The Culture Supplier to give me a great preview. 

10. Cowboys Nation

I couldn't finish this list off without sending a special shoutout to Cowboys Nation.  We are known internationally, but being in the city when the Boys are on fire is electrifying.  There is a different energy that transcends racial and socioeconomic boundaries when it comes to love for a football team.  I have had great times laughing, screaming, jumping, and crying with my fellow members of Cowboys Nation.


And there it is.  If you asked me to list things I loved about Dallas back in Fall 2015 I would have looked at you sideways, but now I am doing a better job at embracing this city in North Texas.  If you are ever planning a trip out here, let me know and I'll gladly give you some suggestions for my favorite places.  

 When you think of Dallas what do you think of? The Cowboys? Brunch? Great barbeque? Whatever it is, there is something for EVERYONE in Dallas and today I am sharing 10 things I love about Dallas, Texas on the Thirty30Courtney blog.

When you think of Dallas what do you think of? The Cowboys? Brunch? Great barbeque? Whatever it is, there is something for EVERYONE in Dallas and today I am sharing 10 things I love about Dallas, Texas on the Thirty30Courtney blog.

Have you ever been to Dallas?  What did you enjoy about your visit? Let's chat!